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Effective Lab India Presents Melt Flow Index Tester For Plastic and Rubber Industries

The melt flow index is a measure of the ease with which molten plastic or rubber can be extruded under standardized conditions. To accurately measure MFI, industries rely on specialized equipment known as Melt Flow Index Tester.

Melt flow index testing plays a pivotal role in assessing the flow properties of thermoplastic materials. It provides valuable insights into the material’s viscosity, molecular weight distribution, and processability. Manufacturers use MFI data to optimize processing parameters, ensure product consistency, and meet regulatory standards.

MFI tester operates on the principle of measuring the flow rate of molten polymer through a standardized orifice under specific temperature and pressure conditions. The instrument applies a predetermined load to the material, forcing it through the orifice. The resulting flow rate is recorded and used to calculate the melt flow index.