Effortlessly Floor Smart Cleaning Robot Solution

For All Types Of Floors

Help you enjoy life without the burden of housework


Vacuum Cleaner Application

When you need to juggle work, family, or other priorities, home cleaning may be annoying, however, you can’t ignore the housework, while robotic vacuum cleaner can automatically complete your home cleaning and even clean when you’re not at home, which can be a huge time saver.

Our robot vacuum cleaner has advanced greatly quickly with an incredible array of features, from mapping capabilities, cameras, to custom zone cleaning, etc. Whether you have a crazy cleaning schedule or you are a pet owner, our robot vacuum can meet your requirements and take some burdens of home cleaning off your shoulders.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet

As a professional robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, our robot vacuum cleaners have strong suction power and do a great job of thorough cleaning on carpets and rugs.


Robot Vacuum For Tile Floors

Our vacuum cleaner robot China works very well on tile floors and help keep your tile floors sparkling.


Robot Vacuum For Wood Floors

We have automated vacuum cleaners best-suited for wood floors, which can remove rubbish with ease.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

Our robot vacuum cleaner China does a very good job of cleaning pet hair from floors, carpets, etc.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner Functions

Different models of vacuum cleaners have different functions. The same is true of several vacuum cleaners of our company. Robot vacuum cleaner for carpet has strong dust collection functions and can clean carpets. Its mop function is very convenient. Robot vacuum for tile floors is suitable for working on tiles and can keep tiles tidy and clean. We also have a vacuum cleaner that works on wooden floors. It can easily remove garbage. In addition, we have a vacuum cleaner for pet hair. In this way, if you have a pet at home, you don’t need to worry about hair mess.