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Egg Donation in Iran

The donated egg (oocyte) method is a legal and well-known method in Iran. This method is performed in reputable infertility treatment centers in Iran with high accuracy and quality. Oocyte donors are selected from young women and screening is performed rigorously on their physical and mental health to minimize the risk of birth defects and other complications in the fetus. Because the success rate of treatment with fresh oocytes is higher than the frozen oocytes, in infertility treatment centers in Iran, fresh oocytes are used to donate to infertile couples. Therefore, the success rate of donated oocyte treatment in Iran is high.

In the infertility treatment centers in Iran and the health of the donated egg, the adaptation between physical, cultural, social, etc. characteristics between the egg donor and the egg recipient is very important. Therefore, there is a lot of obsession and care in choosing the donor to select the person with the most compliance with the characteristics of the egg recipient. (It should be noted that according to the law, medical centers in Iran are not allowed to disclose information about egg donors to others).


Egg Donation Cost in Iran

The donated egg method in Iran is performed in reputable and high-quality treatment centers. Therefore, many applicants from different parts of the world use this treatment; they travel to Iran. The cost of infertility treatment with Egg donation in Iran is $ 4,000, which includes 4 or more fresh eggs, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer to the mother’s uterus, and routine medications and tests.