Environmental SPC Flooring & SPC Flooring Accessories

SPC Flooring

SPC stands for stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. The mainly material is limestone and PVC which makes the flooring so incredibly durable. Because the vinyl content, it has a certain flexible on stable basis. Chongnuo SPC vinyl flooring, enjoy your life.


SPC Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories can help you to decorate the area more perfect. We provide high-quality decorative home improvement solutions for people who buy SPC flooring, offering different profiles to meet specific customer needs.


Is SPC Flooring for Sale Better Than Other Flooring?

Core Material

Laminate floor has HDF core board use compressed wood fiber with formaldehyde.


SPC flooring material has solid spc core with high density and without formaldehyde, it is tough enough to sustain heavy foot traffic, durable and water-resistant.




Laminate floor is not wateproof can not use in wet area.


Stone plastic composite vinyl flooring is good in water resistance, no mould.




Laminate floor surface is glossy, easy- slip.


The surface of SPC floor design is matt, anti-slip.