Epoxy Floor Self Leveling Screed Spiked Roller

Floor coating application is not successfully completed until it has been deaerated. Fresh floor coatings must be spiked with a spiked roller during application. The operation of spiking also largely contributes to the leveling of certain types of flooring compounds. Our Spiked Roller has become the brand that most contractors prefer for spiking coatings.


Leveling roller: leveling roller is used to move leveling around any area for comfort while spreading.No matter big space or small space, this product is very suitable for use, light and convenient.

used to remove bubbles when painting.Suitable for epoxy floor paint construction, better effect.After use the surface is smooth and smooth, is an excellent product. This is the largest plastic nail.Large enough for your use With splash protection, this reduces your worry when you use it. Just need a wooden brush handle and you’re ready to level it.Then predrill a hole in the stem and secure the handle with screws or nails.Cleats can also be used with cleats. It used to remove bubble when you brushing the oil paint. Apply to epoxy floor Paint construction, the effect will be better.