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EPV1 Proportional Valve

EPV1 Proportional Valve

Product Description

Electrical Control: Uses electrical signals for precise and remote modulation of gas or liquid flow.

Proportional Response: These Electro-Pneumatic valves adjust flow rates in proportion to the input signal for fine control.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a broad range of industrial automation and process control tasks.

High Precision and Reliability: Characterized by accuracy and dependability.

Adjustable Flow Rates: Offers flexibility in controlling fluid volumes within a specified range.

Energy Efficiency: Designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining effective control.

1. The highly integrated control module is accurate and reliable, high efficiency, small space, effective pressure control accuracy.

2. The integrated installation of MEMS pressure sensor has accurate induction.

3. Parameters was strictly monitored by delivery Inspection. The product has small volume, small installation space, convenient adjustment and strong durability.

Installation and application

1. In the controlled state, this product can proceed twice side output when the electric wave is cut off due to power failure.

2. The cable is connected to the machine within 4 cores. When monitor is not used to make output(analog output, switch output), it might result in malfunction, thus please avoid contacting with other cables.

3. All products of our company are adjusted according to their specifications before they are shipped. An improper disassembly may lead to breakdown, please do not do it.

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