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EST-FG2 Manual Force Measurement Test Stand

The test stand EST-FG2V/H is a electric motor test stand. It has a built-in DC motor, displacement measurement device, good load stability, wide application range; wide bench test speed, high accuracy; manual control, displacement cycle, and force value cycle functions. The manual test stand can be connected with a dynamometer to measure the force value and displacement, which is suitable for various industries such as push-pull load, plug-in force, fatigue test, and destruction test.


Features of EST-FG2 Manual Force Measurement Test Stand


Motorized driving.

Rugged construction

Capacity Up to 650 N (140 lbf,65kgf)

Multiple operation modes

Three-stage programmable cycle

Teaching & Playback programming

Force gauge data integration

USB connection to PC

Multiple limit protection functions


Specification of EST-FG2 Manual Force Measurement Test Stand



650N (65KG, 140lbf)


220 mm


Adjustable Range: 30~720 mm/min

Resolution:0.1 mm/min

Accuracy: ±1 mm/min


Resolution: 0.01 mm

Accuracy: ± 0.2mm/min

Operation Mode

Manual, Cycle, Demo, Locating Mode

Protection Functions

Position Limit

Force Limit (connected to force gauge)

Locked rotor.

Power Protection

Cycle Program

Three-stage cycle

Displacement-based (D-cycle)



USB-B(connect to PC)

RS232 outputs

Set point output,

RS232(connect with force gauge)

Operating Environment

0 to 40℃,20 to 80% RH

Power Supply



630 x 320 x 180 mm(EST-FG2V)

640 x 125 x 278 mm(EST-FG2H)


Approx. 13kg


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