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EST-HS2 Manual Durometer Test Stand

EST-HS2 durometer test stand is a test stand for durometer. The test stand is a workbench for loading Shore hardness tester testing. Using three-point leveling stainless steel work platform, the durometer test stand is more stable, the measurement result is more accurate, the overall structure is reasonable.


Compared with shore hardness gauge, EST-HS2 durometer test stand can test various types of Shore hardness.


Features of EST-HS2 Manual Durometer Test Stand


It can test various types of shore hardness.

Cam-type loading and unloading make the test process more stable.

Operation type: the indenter pressed against the sample

The measuring rod can be adjusted by lifting.

Workbench adjustment: three-point leveling.


Specification of EST-HS2 Manual Durometer Test Stand


Operating Type

Inverter to specimen

Loading Method

Cam loading

Loading Stroke

18 mm

Specimen Thickness

60 mm

Throat Depth

65 mm

Support Table(dia.)

Φ116 mm

Lifting Adjustment

Screw adjustment

Table Adjustment

Three-point leveling

Net Weight

5.6 kg (excluding S weight)

Package Weight

7.6 kg (excluding D weight)


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