• $401.94

Ettore Aquaclean Pole

Ettore Aquaclean Pole


  • Ettore Aquaclean Carbon Fibre Pole is the most powerful pole ever invented

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial and commercial window cleaning projects

  • Available in 5.4 meters, 7.5 meters, 10.5 meters, 13.5 meters and 16.5 meters

  • Manufactured from light carbon fibre, superior durability, affordable and tough

  • It will not bend even when fully extended and it will not cause bad back pains

  • Compatible with a number of soft and hard brushes and a number of fittings

  • Clamp design has positive locking tabs to avoid unintentional release

  • Tapered bottom clamp prevent snags and keeps the clamps separated

  • All poles are sold with a 30 cm brush suitable for commercial/domestic use