Everything you need to know About George Dfouni

George DfouniGeorge Dfouni discovered his passion for hotels as a child when he frequently accompanied his mother on exotic trips to Europe and the Middle East. It was soon thereafter that Mr. Dfouni realized that he would have a lifelong career in the hospitality industry doing what he enjoys most- catering to the needs of the discerning traveler. CareerMr. Dfouni began his career when he left native Lebanon to study at Oxford University, where he earned a master’s degree in hotel management and catering. Fluent in English, French, Arabic, and Italian, Mr. Dfouni joined the Sheraton Corporation. There he became Assistant General Manager of the Sheraton Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Shortly following, Mr. Dfouni moved to the Sheraton Center Hotel and Towers in New York. From there, he had a successful career at the Essex House, The New York Vista Hotel, and The Mansfield. Mr.Dfouni was named Chief Operating Officer of Amsterdam Hospitality Group in January of 1999 after serving as Vice President and General Manager for three years at Amsterdam Hospitality Group’s Ameritania Hotel where he was responsible for the hotel’s renovation and revitalization. Mr. Dfouni brings over 24 years of hospitality experience and a passion for elegant design, customer service, and streamlined operations to the group and its portfolio of hotels, residential and commercial properties. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Dfouni oversaw all aspects of Amsterdam Hospitality Group, which consisted of eleven existing boutique hotels, two residential properties in New York City, one residential property in Miami, and one commercial property in Tampa, Fl. In this position, Mr. Dfouni was involved in every step of the design and construction process of all properties, staff development, service programs, and operations.In September 2015, Mr. Dfouni resigned from his position at Amsterdam Hospitality to seek other new challenging opportunities. George Dfouni, also known as GD, a Lebanese American artist. His Passion growing up in Lebanon and England was music. in 2009, GD decided to turn his passion and dream into reality and he started singing. GD recorded numerous songs and music videos. 41 of his songs were in the top 10 in the charts in his native country of Lebanon and the Middle East. GD has worked with some of the industry leaders from writers, composers, and arrangers. The list includes Jack Al Haddad, Samir Sfeir, Mounir Bou Assaf, Ahmad Madi, Ahmad Abdel Nabi, Bassem Yehya, Salim Assaf, Nasser El Assaad, Ahmad Mostafa, Sherif Hamdi, Enad Khouri, Walid El Massih, Dany Helou, and Omar Sabbagh