• $20.28

Faber Quartz Cleaner

Faber Quartz Cleaner


  • Acidic detergent suitable for deep cleaning all types of quartz agglomerate surfaces

  • It removes old patina and restores the surface to its original colour | Great stain remover

  • A water based concentrated cleaner recommended for extraordinary quartz cleaning

  • It reacts with the surface and it removes dirt from the surface and from inside the stone

  • It can be used to clean all types of quartz tiles, quartz worktops, quartz fittings & more

  • To be diluted 1 to 2/3 or to be used undiluted (depending on the condition of the surface)

  • Apply the product to a dry and cool surface to maximize its cleaning power

  • Do not use on chemically polished surfaces or surfaces that are sensitive to acids

  • Do not use on newly installed surfaces that are not fully cured or on newly grouted floors

  • Do not mix with any other cleaning products and clean all the equipment used with water