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We provides professional Fiction Manuscript Editing at  Also Visit : Most aspiring novelists would hire Fiction Manuscript Editing editors before they would submit their manuscript to various publishing houses. Editing a novel is a difficult task, so when you are in this type of editing job, it could be a profitable business. Editing a novel is not similar to editing other forms of write-ups. Furthermore, editing fiction is different from reading it. Once you have started editing a manuscript, you should have a great eye for details. Editing is an important part of fiction writing, and it should not be overlooked by serious writers.  Our Services : Ghostwriter Services Manuscript Consultant How To Hire A Ghostwriter Ghost Writer For Hire Book Screenplay Ghostwriting Services Address : ERICK MERTZ  7604 SE Insley Street  Portland, OR 97206  Phone: +1 503.902.2774  [email protected]  Social Links :