Fire-fighting Motorcycle


Fire Fighting Motorcycle small volume, flexible, marching turn around easily, the car is equipped with fire control motor pump, dry powder fire extinguishers, fire hoses used fire control system, such as some four-wheel fire motorcycle, also is equipped with water mist fire extinguishing system, they are compared with the conventional city fire trucks, more flexible, convenient and quick, is suitable for narrow areas of fire fighting and rescue work.


Types of Fire-fighting Motorcycle

2 Wheel Fire-fighting Motorcycle

2 wheel fire-fighting motorcycle is a kind of mobile water mist/foam fire extinguishing device, can be widely used in forests, urban roads, factories, schools, communities, hospitals and other places, can quickly put out the fire in the early stage.

4 Wheel Fire-fighting Motorcycle

4 wheel fire-fighting motorcycle has off-road performance and can carry out fire fighting operations in the field and on rugged roads

All Terrain Fire-fighting Motorcycle

All-terrain fire-fighting motorcycle looks small, but it has all the five organs. The body is equipped with special fire fighting equipment such as hand lift pump, water mist extinguishing device, fire extinguisher, hose gun, fire wrench and so on.


Design Benefits of Fire Fighting Motorcycle



Loaded with water mist device, hand lift motor pump, water gun belt, fire extinguisher and other fire fighting equipment, with the advantages of flexibility, convenience and fast.



Suitable for Narrow Roads

Suitable for narrow roads and narrow lanes, dense communities and streets, to make up for the shortcomings of ordinary fire vehicles’ traffic capacity and poor mobility.