Flat Logic

Javascript scaffolding

Flatlogic is the simplest method for creating Respond, Precise, Vue standards for full-stack web applications in only 3 stages. We offer a stage with starters/layouts, Muck application generator and facilitating, all consolidated making an ideal answer for web improvement.

Full-stack web applications in minutes

Produce full-stack data set based (Muck) Respond, Vue, Precise applications in only 3 stages! Select stack and format, associate with Github and send your application in minutes!

Flatlogic saves you something like 250 hours in web application advancement time(~$12,500)!

Confided in by the world’s best brands

Flatlogic items and administrations are utilized from one side of the planet to the other, including the accompanying prominent organizations:

Flatlogic versus custom turn of events

Flatlogic saves no less than 250 hours during the beginning of web application advancement, without taking into account the time spent on keeping up with the state-of-the-art variants of libraries and systems.


Huge number of programmers use Flatlogic stage to improve on web application advancement. Peruse a portion of the tales beneath to see designers experience with Flatlogic

What’s more, your application is prepared!

Audit, push to Github and convey! Everything is associated and set up for your benefit, so you could transport highlights in the quickest way imaginable.