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Floor Sanding Clonee

Floor Sanding Clonee


The floor sanding industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Floor sanding machines have developed to be able to collect over 98% of the dust generated in the floor sanding project and the floor finishes are mostly water based, non yellowing and quick drying. The prices for floor sanding have dropped and the efficiency within the industry has improved considerably. 


Floor Sanding Clonee | Why Sand Your Floors?


Floor sanding is the most natural thing to do or consider if you are the owner of a solid or semi solid wood floor. A semi solid or a hardwood floor can be sanded a number of times and it can be restored a number of times, depending on the quality of the wood, the thickness of it and the type of finishes required. The main point of a real wood floor is to provide a specific cozy look and to give the owner the opportunity to refinish it at least 2-3 times. So if your real wood floor looks dull, tired and has water damage on it, do not replace it. Instead, book your local floor sanding company for a quick and free assessment.


Floor Sanding Clonee | What Can Be Done With Your Wooden Floors?


There are plenty of options if you decide to have your floors restored. In all cases, the floor sanding contractor will start by sanding the whole floor with a number of different grits sanding paper. Then you will be offered a number of finishing options like gap filling, staining, oiling, varnishing, priming, etc. Not all types of hardwood and semi solid wood floors can be “stained”. The final results will depend on your own requirements, the contractor recommendations and the type of wood treated.


Floor Sanding Clonee | Are Water Based Floor Lacquer Durable?


Very durable. Unlike the old solvent based finishes, the new water based floor lacquer requires a bit more care and a bit more maintenance, but if that maintenance is done right, the lacquer will last for very long periods of time. Floor Sanding Clonee uses the full Chimiver range of wood care products. For all our commercial floor sanding projects we are likely to use the amazing Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer while for all our residential floor sanding projects we are likely to use the amazing Chimiver Ecostar Polyurethane Floor Lacquer.


Floor Sanding Clonee | Dustless


The difference between dustless and non dustless floor sanding equipment is just incredible. While a professional dustless floor sanding system can collect over 98% of the dust generated in the floor sanding project, a non dustless floor sanding system will collect none of it and the only way of removing the dust generated is by vacuuming it. So if you are on the market for a professional floor sanding company, make sure to pick a contractor that uses dust free floor sanding technology.


Floor Sanding Clonee | Hardwood & Semi Solid Wood Floor Sanding


You need to make sure that your floor is real wood. Laminate floors and plastic floors cannot be sanded. All hardwood floors can be sanded a number of times while most semi solid or engineered wood floors can be sanded at least once. If you are not sure what type of floor you own you should not just book a floor sanding company online. Call Floor Sanding Clonee right now and have your floors fully assessed. 


Floor Sanding Clonee | Why Us


Not all floor sanding contractors are the same and just because a professional floor sanding company has a fancy website and charges high fees, it does not mean that they are actually great. Floor Sanding Clonee is a well established floor sanding company with over 17 years of experience. We are fully insured, well known and a long list of our latest projects is listed on our website. Floor Sanding Clonee provides free no obligation estimates, we are available at short notice and our work quality is second to none. Check our Google reviews and see what other people have to say about our work. 


Floor Sanding Clonee