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FOV 100 degree distortionless lens OV2710 HD CMOS camera module

HD CMOS camera module from HUIBER – the ultimate solution for high-quality imaging and video capture! This camera module features an advanced OV2710 CMOS image sensor, combined with a distortionless 100-degree lens to deliver stunning, high-resolution images and videos with exceptional clarity and detail.


The OV2710 CMOS image sensor is a high-performance image sensor that features a 2.1-megapixel resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and advanced image processing capabilities. It is capable of capturing high-quality images and video even in low-light conditions, thanks to its low-light sensitivity and advanced pixel technology.


The FOV 100 degree distortionless lens OV2710 HD CMOS camera module is a type of camera module that uses an OV2710 CMOS image sensor and a 100-degree field of view lens with minimal distortion. This HD CMOS camera module is designed to capture high-definition (HD) video and images with exceptional clarity and detail.


The 100-degree distortionless lens is designed to provide a wide-angle view without any noticeable distortion, making it ideal for capturing panoramic views, landscapes, and group shots. The HD CMOS camera module is made from high-quality optical glass and is coated to reduce glare and improve image quality.


The FOV 100-degree distortionless lens OV2710 HD CMOS camera module is a high-performance camera module that is ideal for a wide range of applications, including security cameras, drones, video conferencing systems, and more.

HD CMOS camera module Technical Parameters


Model No.


Model Size

38mm × 38mm × 17.5mm±0.5MM

Temperature (Operation)

-30°C to 70°C

Temperature (Stable Image)

0°C to 50°C

Assembly technique




Object distance



600LW/PH (Center)

PCB printing ink



USB 2.0

Power supply

USB bus power

supply voltage

DC 5V±5%

Maximum Power consumption


Operating system request

Win XP/win 7,8 / vista /android 4.0/ mac /Linuxwith uvc


OV2710 (1/2.7” )

Seneor Package

CSP,Bare Die

Maximum resolution



10mV /(lux-sec)

Pixel Size

3μm x 3μm