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Freeze-dried meat can have a very crisp taste without frying, and freeze-dried meat has many flavors, such as chicken, duck, beef, salmon, quail and so on. When pets eat freeze-dried meat with different flavors, they will be able to taste different mouthfeel and supplement different nutrients. Lyophilized meat is raw, processed to get rid of all the bacteria, and pets like it, so it’s better to eat it.  


Freeze-dried raw meat itself is a very nutritious food, often give pets to eat some freeze-dried meat such as freeze dried chicken treats, and can let pets absorb more protein and nutrition, but also increase appetite, for those pets who do not like to eat, can be very good to improve the appetite. Freeze-dried meat is perfectly fine as an occasional reward or appetizer.


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How Can We Choose Freeze Dried Meat Treat for Pet?

Look at the color first. The freeze drying process requires low temperature production and does not change the fiber and color of the meat.  See if the color is even, the size is even, and there’s not too much debris.


Rehydration test. In the process of freeze-drying, there is a process of sublimation drying, leaving the gap and the channel of sublimation water vapor is easy to rehydrate. When we rehydrate the freeze-drying, the raw material composition is reduced, fresh meat or meat powder, a bubble can be seen.


Best Ways to Feed Pet by Using Freeze Dried Meat Treat

Feed directly: The freeze-dried snacks are crispy and have the aroma of the ingredients.  


Soak in water: The meat is freeze-dried, so it’s just pure meat, without any additives. Conforms to the pet’s natural hunting instinct. And keep your pet hydrated.  


Mix it with kibble. Freeze dried meat for dogs, as a kind of freeze dried pet treats can supplement protein and enrich nutrition.


Health Benefits of Freeze Dried Meat Treat for Pet

Due to the special process, freeze dry meat can maximize the flavor and nutrition of food.  


Freeze dried pet food has porous structure, does not form thin layer which cannot be penetrated by water, and has good rehydration.  


After sealed packaging can be stored for a long time.  Even when stored at room temperature, the quality rarely changes, thus greatly reducing the storage costs, but also convenient transportation.