Freight Services


Since its establishment, Guangzhou Xianyi International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has maintained a good long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known sea and air carriers, so that we can provide customers with fast, high-quality and professional services and supporting facilities. The company has experienced, well-trained and skilled professionals to wholeheartedly provide you with appropriate solutions, professional suggestions and reliable services. With the purpose of “customer first and service-oriented”, the company has been affirmed by customers at home and abroad with strong strength, excellent talents, efficient service and good reputation.


How Does Freight Forwarding Work?


Freight forwarding is the logistics management service that allows a company to hire someone else to manage its supply chain, taking care of everything from sourcing products and ordering them to arranging transportation and customs clearance.


Freight forwarding is the process by which goods are transferred from a shipper to a consignee, or vice versa. Freight forwarders are independent businesses that operate on the supply chain and are the link between a buyer and a seller. They help companies ship goods worldwide while increasing visibility, reducing risk and lowering costs.


We provide you with all-round maritime customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics delivery services, and use a powerful information system to master every link in the transportation process, so as to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality transportation services and create a fast, efficient and considerate international maritime cargo transportation business for you.


What is the Freight Forwarding Process?


Systematize the service process, monitor the transfer links layer by layer, and fundamentally improve the transportation efficiency:


Benefits of Freight Service with XinayiCargo


International maritime transport services


Provide customers with full container & LCL shipping services. The routes cover major routes all over the world. The fees are transparent and reasonable, including door-to-door services and other extended services at home and abroad. There are seven service lines: Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Iraq, India and Saudi Arabia. All are bonded bags for customs clearance, stable storage and fast delivery time.


Freight Forwarders are the key to getting your merchandise from one end of the world to another. They specialize in moving people and goods around the globe—and can help you save time and money along the way.


Freight Services FAQs


What should be paid attention to about the air transport of pet in cross-border logistics?

 Airline regulations:


1. Choice of aircraft: Aircraft with pets or living bodies must be equipped with an oxygen chamber, but the aircraft is not available every day.


2. Death of a pet: When checking a pet, the airline requires the death of the pet at its own expense and does not provide insurance services.


3. Pet certificate: When consigning pets, the airline requires the customer to provide (an animal exiting the county quarantine certificate), if not, it is not allowed to be checked in.


4. Outer packaging for pets: When consigning pets, the airline requires that the outer packaging of the consignment must be a special box for pets.


What are the characteristics of international logistics?


1. International logistics must be supported by an international information system.


2. The standardization requirements of international logistics are relatively high.


3. The logistics system has a wide range.


4. There are differences in the logistics environment.


What will affect your logistics charges?


1. Properties of the goods


Due to the characteristics of special goods, there are strict requirements for transportation vehicles, and the price of natural logistics transportation will be relatively high.


2. Environmental factors


The loading address, unloading address, and route of the goods to be shipped will have a direct impact on the logistics transportation price.


3. Seasonal market factors


If there is a sudden increase in the volume of goods in a certain place, the originally balanced supply and demand relationship will be greatly affected


4. Local policy factors


5. Oil price volatility


Fluctuations in oil prices directly affect the direct cost of transporting vehicles.