Frontline Heros at Center for COVID Control

A strong health system that relies on frontline healthcare providers is the best defense against any outbreak. Thousands of people have died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and millions more will be affected if they survive. The pandemic caused by Coronavirus has posed a significant challenge to several countries’ healthcare systems and economies. Our frontline healthcare nurse staff, who are likely to be referred to as modern-day superheroes, provide the best assistance, round-the-clock service. They are the foundation of the global healthcare system. This article discusses the importance of front-line health workers in fighting COVID-19. 

The frontline health workers are true heroes

COVID-19’s absolute reality was the requirement for healthcare personnel to combat the pandemic. A story about healthcare “heroes” appeared in the popular media almost as soon as the COVID-19 outbreak emerged. Healthcare workers (HCWs) are marching to the “frontlines” of the “war,” according to this storyline. 

On March 20, 2020, the sounds of clapping, cheering, and banging pots and pans filled streets all around the world. However, many workers’ lives were viewed as expendable inside hospitals around the world.

COVID screeners (testing site staff) work long hours on the front lines to keep the community safe by providing free testing so those who test positive can quarantine themselves and take the required precautions to be safe and keep those around them safe. COVID’s screeners are truly superheroes.

Risk frontline health workers face

Due to frequent and intimate contact with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients, health workers are the group most at risk of infection. Health professionals have become soft targets as a result of global shortages of personal protective equipment, and those who do have access to it may not be properly trained to utilize it. Infection prevention and control methods in health facilities treating COVID-19 patients are similarly lacking, increasing the risk of infection and exposure.

While many health workers become sick at hospitals and health institutions, others become infected after being exposed to the virus in common places, including homes. COVID-19 infection isn’t the only danger that health care employees from Center for Covid Control face. Because many frontline workers come into close contact with infected patients, they are sometimes labeled as potential disease carriers and subjected to humiliation and violence.



Healthcare staff has worked tirelessly over the last year to protect patients’ lives and health, often with insufficient resources to completely defend their own. Personal bravery and professionalism are undoubtedly factors in why these workers are heroic. We see the healthcare workforce come up for work every day. Our healthcare workers will continue to lead and care for us as we fight for our lives.