Gemstone for Good Fortune- Moonstone

The ethereal gemstone is formed of Albite and Orthoclase and both of them belong to the Feldspar mineral category. The meaning of Moonstone is linked with bringing unconditional love and joy to life.


It is mined in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Switzerland. The colorful versions of Moonstone are only found in India. It is the best gift for the ones born in June.


Moonstone is linked with the powers of the moon which are also termed as Moon Magic. Its adularescent quality creates a ripple blue light that gets visible when moonstone is rotated close to a source of light.


The elegant stone is available in many colors such as Blue, yellow, Gray, Pink, Peach, and Cream. Moonstone is a popular choice in feng shui applications with many options like keeping the gem near the bed. Moonstone is believed to offer the wearer good fortune. This stone is also used in Ayurvedic medicines and varied crystal healing techniques.