Get Sustainable HVAC with R290 Refrigerant in UAE

Are you tired of refrigerants that harm the environment and increase energy consumption? Look no further than R290, also known as propane!

United Refrigerants, a leading provider of refrigerants in the UAE, has introduced R290 as an eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative for HVAC systems. R290 refrigerant has a low global warming potential, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Not only is R290 refrigerant environmentally friendly, and it has better heat transfer properties than other refrigerants, meaning it can cool more effectively with less energy consumption. Additionally, R290 is a cost-effective option and widely available, making it a convenient choice for HVAC systems.

While R290 has some safety concerns due to its explosive nature, United Refrigerants provides specialized training and certification for technicians to ensure safe handling and usage.

Join the movement towards sustainable HVAC systems and switch to R290 with United Refrigerants today!