Get to know more about powertrac 439 plus?

The Powertrac 439 Plus is a tractor model manufactured by Escorts Limited, a prominent player in the Indian tractor industry.The Powertrac 439 Plus is typically equipped with a robust and fuel-efficient diesel engine designed to deliver reliable performance. It often features a 3-cylinder engine with a displacement of around 2339 cc, providing adequate power for various agricultural tasks.


This tractor model usually offers a horsepower rating of around 41 HP, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including cultivation, planting, and transportation.


The Powertrac 439 Plus comes with a smooth and efficient transmission system, offering multiple gear options to suit different operating conditions. It may feature a sliding mesh or constant mesh gearbox with a suitable number of forward and reverse gears for enhanced versatility and control.


This tractor is typically equipped with a reliable hydraulic system capable of powering various implements and attachments. It may offer a decent hydraulic lifting capacity to handle implements such as plows, cultivators, and trailers with ease.


The Powertrac 439 Plus is likely equipped with a power take-off (PTO) system that provides power to external implements such as pumps, generators, and threshers. It may offer multiple PTO speeds to match the requirements of different implements.


The tractor is designed for operator comfort and convenience during long working hours. It may feature a comfortable and ergonomic operator station with easy-to-reach controls, adjustable seating, and good visibility for improved productivity and fatigue reduction.