Green Mussels

Taking what nature has given us, our primary aim is to create all natural, lightly cooked shellfish which can be eaten straight from the pack or used anywhere live would normally be used. We take nature and make it safer and more convenient! Without additives and full of innate flavour, our mussels and clams provide the presentation and preparation options of fresh Green Mussels, without the time, wastage and food safety concerns. 

Mother nature has blessed New Zealand with some of the cleanest seawater on the planet. Due to the proximity of Antarctica our NZ water is clean and abundant with nutrients for the mussels to filter feed naturally. The sea is also brimming with the building blocks of all life in the ocean, phytoplankton. Two factors which make our shellfish so tasty and nutritious.

The New Zealand mussels is not an unusual place all through New Zealand, and in fact, it’s classed as an added pest in Australia. In New Zealand however, those mussels, which can be in a own circle of relatives recognized as “true” mussels, play a substantial position withinside the economy. For the most part, the mussels are in recent times cultivated commercially, despite the fact that many natives nonetheless choose to accumulate their personal mussels from the intertidal region alongside New Zealand’s many beaches. Of all recognized mussel species, those are one of the biggest, often attaining a length of 24cm in length. Now that we recognize a piece approximately those mussels, let’s check why they have got attracted the eye of hundreds of thousands of fitness aware human beings all over the world.