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High Grade Pet Bottles Washing Recycling Line

High Grade Pet Bottles Washing Recycling Line

1, To separate PET bottles to flakes from PE/ PP label, cap, oil, garbage, protect the environment, avoid white pollution.

This plastic flakes washing line Fangtai is composed of separator, crusher, cold & hot washing system, dewatering, drying, packing system, etc.


2, This Plastic flakes crushing, recycling and washing production line can easily wash and recycle waste PET PP PE bottle flakes. Waste and dirty Plastic PET PP PE bottle flakes can be treated step by step by this facility. It is special for washing Plastic flakes.


3, We can help to attach equipment at the end of the washing line so that the completely dry flakes can be collected and packed directly after being washed.


4, The whole production line can be designed on the basis of how dirty the flakes are, and make sure of the quality of the final products.


5, Coordinating the production line with follow programmed work (granulating system), and it will make waste and dirty PET PP PE bottles to be the granule material and in order to producing new Plastic bottles.


6, After the this PET bottle flakes crushing, recycling and washing production line, our company also offer the following production lines of Plastic bottle granulating to make the waste and dirty Plastic bottle be the new finished products.

The whole production equipment is researched, design and manufactured by our company, integration of advanced technology, it has features as high efficiency, working stable, large capacity etc. Waste Plastic Pet Bottle Crushing Washing Drying Recycling Line / Machine / Plant is widely used to treat waste plastic, such as PET / PVC / HDPE bottle, water bottles, cola bottle and PET plastic scrap broken into flakes. Pet bottle recycling line is a crushing, washing, drying line. PET flakes are mainly used for the fiber production PET strap, PET sheet, and other related PET products.


With advanced international industry concepts and technologies to meet waste plastic recycling at home or abroad. this line can be displayed “L” or “U” shape. We can also customized the line according the customer’s request;


1. Realize one production line can process different kinds of raw material;


2. Good quality on our machine(SUS-304 stainless steel, more than 4mm thickness)


3. High quality on final product, low humidity content (Less than 1%) and impurities ( Less than 50PPM).


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