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High Performance Butterfly Valve

HY High-performance butterfly valve is a double eccentric butterfly valve.



Operational Principle:


HY High-performance butterfly valve is a double eccentric butterfly valve. For the dual eccentric structure, during the opening process, the disk gradually leaves the seat, and the friction between the sealing surface is reduced, thus extending the service life. The seat is lip type, the material of PTFE, RPTFE and other ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, no matter how the fluid direction, the seat can always return to the original position after deformation, to ensure the sealing performance.


HY series High Performance Butterfly valve are divided into PTFE seat and PTFE + metal seat sealing structure, both with zero leakage in the pressure test. The flow characteristics of such valves are approximately equal to the percent.






1. Reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, easy to repair.


2. With high-performance regulation and cut-off functions.


3. Use the eccentric structure to reduce the friction of the sealing ring and extend the service life of the valve.


4. Fully sealed, with zero leakage. It can be used in ultra-high vacuum conditions.


5. Replace the valve plate sealing ring, butterfly plate, rotating shaft and other materials, which can apply to a variety of media and different temperatures.

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Application Area:


It is mainly suitable for water plant, power plant, steel mill smelting, chemical industry, water source engineering, environmental facilities construction and other system drainage use, especially for waterway pipeline, as regulation and interception equipment. Compared with the midline butterfly valve, the dual eccentric butterfly valve is more high pressure resistant, longer life and good stability. The larger the caliber than other valves, the lighter the material, the lower the cost.

♦ Standard

ISO10631, EN593, API609, GB/T12238

♦ Size

NPS 2”∼48″, DN40~1200, JIS 50~600A

♦ Rating

150LB-600LB, PN6-PN100

♦ Suitable Temperature 

-50°C ~200°C

♦ Category

Concentric-pivoted, Double Eccentric,Triple Eccentric

♦ Material


♦ Seat


♦ Packing              


♦ Driving Operation 

Lever-type, gear-type, Pneumatic Actuator, Hydraulic Actuaor, Electrical Motive Operation

♦ Related standard

API 609, EN 593, JIS F7480, API 598 , EN 12266, JIS F7400