High Speed Gate/ BRT Turnstile Solution

With the development of intelligent access control management, Speedgates/ fastlane turnstiles become a hotspot domain that forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination, from which the flow of visitors and employees is managed. CXT High-Speed Gates is ideal for efficient and orderly entry control management to be linked to access control system/visitor management system/ticketing system and else.


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High-Speed Gate Features:



High-end artistic appearance

Exquisite workmanship

Faster passing speed

Lane width:570mm

Appearance grade: High

Anti-trailing performance: Excellent

Anticollision: Excellent

Passing type: Pedestrian-only

gate entry system


Why to use Pedestrian entrance control Turnstile gates?


Some of the factors driving the growth in the pedestrian entrance control systems market include rise of terror activities across the world. With increasing threats and rising vulnerability of various buildings and facilities, there has been growing investment towards ensuring physical safety. In addition, it has become crucial to deploy advanced security solutions to strengthen public confidence and ensure social harmony. Thereby, the overall pedestrian entrance control systems market is expected to grow due to increasing government and commercial budgets towards public safety during the forecast period.