Home Air Conditioning Installation


As a homeowner, you don’t want your family to stay in the hot summertime in Texas for even one minute. Replacing your entire AC system is a big decision you may need to make. By this time, don’t hesitate to make a phone call to Excellence AC & Heating.  


Our customer service and technicians will give you the correct suggestions to fit your demand and at the same time save your budget.


Find Your Need of Residential AC Installation Types


Gas Furnace Install

Gas furance has many of the key components of the AC & heating system. It needs to work under both cooling & heating mode. Excellence AC & Heating focus on install job for HVAC system and make sure every unit installed in a proper way.


Evaporator Coil Install

As a very important unit in HVAC system, evaporator coil is a fragile part. The improper installation of evaporator coil could cause the refrigerant leak, water leak, or even the system freezing. It also needs a regular maintenace after it is installed.


Condenser Install

The condenser works outside and its function is to release the heat absorbed from the house. It contains the most important part – the compressor, which is just like the engine of the car. Proper maintenance can make a newly installed condenser run longer time.


Air Handler Install

The air handler is the combination of evaporator coil & electric heater. The installer must have a good understand of electric since it works with 230V power.



Heat Pump Install

Heat pump saves you a much of the utility bill in winter time compared with gas or electric heater. While it needs good maintenace for its comprssor since it works in both winter time & summer time. Excellence AC & Heating makes sure every step during the installation correct and saves life for the comprssor.