How can restaurants effectively market their delivery services?

 Restaurants have a few solid options when it comes to marketing their delivery services:

– Highlight delivery on your website and online menus using your restaurant delivery software’s ordering system. Make sure customers know delivery is available and have an easy path to order online.

– Promote delivery specials or discounts through your restaurant delivery software. Deals can incentivize customers to order delivery instead of dining in. Time offers to increase orders on slow days.

– Partner with third-party delivery apps that integrate with your restaurant delivery software. Being on apps like UberEats and DoorDash expands your reach to new customers. Just be sure the terms make financial sense.

– Use geo-targeting on social media to promote delivery offers and information generated from your restaurant delivery software analytics. Geo-targeted posts on Facebook or Instagram can promote delivery to nearby customers.

– Send email or SMS campaigns through your restaurant delivery software with delivery offers to existing customers to remind them you offer delivery.

– Use flyers and local mailers highlighting delivery options and instructions powered by your restaurant delivery software. Mailers can hit all houses in a certain area.

– Offer referral rewards through your restaurant delivery software for customers to spread the word about your delivery services on social media or to friends.

The key is making sure customers know delivery is available and top of mind. A multi-channel approach allows you to reach customers however they prefer to engage with your restaurant’s delivery services.


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