How do I choose drawer slides?

Nothing affects the quality of a project more than the drawer slides the user chooses. Whether it’s for an office, store, workstation, break room or personal project, choosing the right drawer slides can add just the right touch to any space.

Choosing the right slide

When choosing a two-way slide, installers must consider the mounting method, type of extension and slide length, weight limits, color, finish and brand. There are five different mounting options; typically, the type of option chosen depends on factors such as the amount of space within the cabinet, the visibility of the slide and cost.

Bottom-mounted slides are typically guided by rollers rather than ball bearings. The mount has an angled flange to hold the drawer box in place and index the slide for quick and easy installation. These are most commonly used for frameless cabinets, but can also be applied to face-frame cabinets.

Side mounted slides attach horizontally to the cabinet and drawers. Because of their durability and high weight limit, these slides are useful in a variety of applications. Side mounted slides can be purchased with either a roller or ball bearing mechanism, but the latter is more durable over time.

Center-mounted slides are mounted under the center of the drawer. They limit drawer height, weight limits and cabinet size somewhat, but are simpler to install.

Under-mounted slides are mounted on the side of the cabinet. They are ideal for accentuating te quality of the cabinet because they are invisible. These slides are ideal for areas where horizontal space is limited.

Recess-mounted slides are not commonly used in the United States, but can be found on handcrafted furniture imported from Europe. This access hardware has a lighter load rating and is only used for partial extension variants.

Selecting the correct slide length

Users should consider the proper extension length and slide length when selecting a set of drawer slides. They can last for many years, which makes it important for assemblers to choose a configuration they will be happy with in the long run. There is nothing more frustrating than a drawer that won’t open as far as it should or a worktop that won’t open the drawer. Such problems can be avoided by choosing the correct spring loaded drawer slides.

The load rating is an extremely important factor to consider when selecting a drawer slide. Generally we categorize drawer slides into Light, Medium and Heavy Duty load ratings. Our selection of slides range from 10kg slides suitable for most kitchen drawers, up to 250kg heavy duty slides used for drawers storing tools and industrial components.

Light Duty Ball Bearing Slides – (10kg – 15kg) (22lb – 33lb)

Medium Duty Ball Bearing Slides – (35kg – 45kg) (77lb – 99lb)

Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Slides – (120kg – 250kg) (264lb – 550lb)