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How do i talk to a live person at alitalia airlines?

Alitalia Airlines is the biggest airline in Italy. The name Alitalia Airlines is a reference to the Italian language. It can also operate a variety of Airbuses as well as 34 domestic cities and intercontinental or international destinations. So, many passengers feel comfortable and at ease because of the great services they can avail of through this company. In addition, passengers are satisfied and satisfied after taking the assistance of customer service.

When a customer encounters any issues, they should contact the live representative at this Alitalia customer service number, which is the number +1 802 231 1806 (toll-free in the USA) or +1 877-793-1717* (from Italy). If you’re looking for information on how to reach an Alitalia customer support service, then follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Alitalia Airlines browser on your search engine.
  • You can find your way to the “contact us” button on the homepage.
  • Then, find the phone number section and dial the number that you find.
  • Contact the live agent at +1 802 231 1806 (help) and speak directly to a live agent on Alitalia Airlines.
  • The call will be converted during the IVR process. Therefore you must listen to the following options.
  1. Dial 1 . to book seats for Alitalia. Alitalia flight.
  2. Dial 2 to alter the receipt for the itinerary.
  3. To cancel the flight and obtain a refund, dial 3
  4. Dial 4 to receive specific assistance on the plane.
  5. Dial 5 to speak with the live representative from Alitalia Airlines.

What can I do to contact ITA Airways?

If you wish to talk to a live person at Alitalia airlines via phone, contact Alitalia Airlines at the above number:

From the USA

Dial +1 802 231 1806 (Toll-free number in Canada and the USA). Dial the number +1 866-725-7077*or +1 877-793-1717* (Toll-free number in Canada)

Customer service hours are all day, seven every day of the week.

Originating from Italy:

Contact +1 802 231 1806 for flight cancellations, help with special requests for refunds, changes to flight, or a complaint.

The hours for customer service differ based on the type of service.

Dial 800 936090 to make new reservations as well as existing ones (daily between 06:00 and 24:00)

From outside:

Call +39 06 85960020 to inquire about reservations, refunds, and changes and flight status, fares, and other details (daily between 06:00 and 24:00)

You can request special assistance from Alitalia customer service; please email at [email protected]

To report complaints

[email protected]





How do I contact an actual individual on Alitalia Airlines?

So, find that the Alitalia airlines toll-free number rings; however, the Alitalia person isn’t receiving calls. The customer may quickly speak to the live agent through an alternative method found in this post. To do that, locate the following article.

Access Alitalia through chat support. Also, on the official website of Alitalia airlines, you can select the “live chat” or “chat with us” section. Click that to access instant assistance from a customer helper. You must also note “need assistance,” and you will receive a prompt response from the airline representative. It is important to select this option and then select the appropriate option. The airline will contact you regarding your concerns and will quickly resolve your problems.

Meet a real person for a day at Alitalia Airlines

Therefore, you should follow the steps to call Alitalia airlines to support by dialing the toll-free number: +1 802 231 1806

  1. You will then need to find a “contact help” option and tap the “contact support” option.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to go to the call section.
  3. Find the ita airways telephone number here.
  4. Call them at +1 802 231 1806, and you can contact them quickly.

Via Email: You must open the Alitalia website and look for the Contact tab. Then, click on that option. Then, locate your email’s official address and copy it into your mailbox. Also, you need to take the mail address of [email protected]. Once you have that, submit your question in the mail. Request advise from the person at the airport. Send this email to the airline. The airline will connect with you and help you resolve the issues fast.

Through social messaging: You can Get in contact with a live person via Alitalia airlines chat service via social media. So, you must scroll through the website until you reach”social media” and then click on the “social media” section. Additionally, you must click on the website linked to the airlines swiftly. The pages that are linked to Alitalia Airlines are:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Alitalia

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Alitalia

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/alitaliaofficial/

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/alitaliaofficial

Write your concerns in the message box, and send your concerns to the airline. Additionally, the airline will offer immediate support to help you resolve your issues quickly.

Thus, the strategies to reach Air Alitalia by phone, live chat, email, and on social media can help you receive assistance from the airline to solve any issues you face while using its services.

What are these hours? Is Alitalia Airlines customer service available during the day?


Additionally, you can seek when Alitalia Airlines customer service can be reached to speak live Alitalia Airlines customer service. Also, Alitalia’s 24/7 customer support is provided by the airline. If you experience any problems, they can quickly address them anytime you require them, all day, every day.