How does an online pizza ordering system work?

Online ordering systems have become a norm in today’s society. The traditional way of ordering food is now being replaced by the online ordering system. Pizza is one of the most popular food items that people order online. There are many pizza chains that offer an online pizza ordering system for their customers. Some of these chains are Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and more.

The process starts with a customer opening the website and selecting their desired pizza from the menu. They then select their preferred crust type, sauce type, and toppings from the available options on the website. Next they add any special instructions such as ‘no olives’ or ‘extra cheese’ to their order before submitting it to be processed by the restaurant for final confirmation. Once all details have been confirmed by both parties, an order confirmation email will be sent to confirm that an order has been placed successfully with them and what time it was completed at with a link to track your order in real- time. Now that you know the basics of ordering online, you can browse the restaurant’s menu and make your decision on what to order!

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