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How durable is epoxy flooring?

You might have heard about the epoxy floor coatings and the benefits they can deliver. But, you might be wondering if it is indeed a fact! This is because you might not be aware of what epoxy floor coating actually is and how it can offer benefits.  Epoxy floor coating refers to the application of resins and hardeners to an equal depth of 2mm. this will form a hard surface. It would be hard to scratch, mar, break or crack. Moreover, the concrete surface under it is also protected. You can reap all this and more with quality epoxy floor installation from pbspainting.com


 You might have heard that the epoxy flooring is durable. Let us consider the science behind it. Floors with epoxy coating have a flexural strength that is over 10,000psi. This explains the strength of the flooring system. This makes it capable of withstanding the movement of heavy equipment. The flooring is resistant to chemical damages, stains, cracks, and scratches as well. Also, it is possible to add topical coatings that would only strengthen the already strong epoxy floor coating. That is how durable an epoxy floor can be. However, another advantage is that these floors are easy to replace as well.