How Not Become An Every-Other-Weekend Parent?

Ultimately, if you want to win a child custody case and obtain custody of the child/children that you love so much, then you will have to prove and “show” that you are the better parent to take care of your child while you’re in the courtroom. You want to be there to help raise your child, spend priceless moments with them, and be able to see them grow up. Here are some established tips on how you can win child custody.


1) Support your child. Attend their sporting events, check over their homework, monitor their school progress, teach them life lessons, love them, and just have fun with them in general. If you can prove and show that you can take care of your child and support them – you have a much greater chance of winning a child custody case!


2) Don’t ignite unnecessary arguments with the other parent. Do not come off as being aggressive and chaotic. This will only destroy any chances of you being able to win custody of your child. It shows that you will not be able to provide a positive, stable, and safe environment for your kid to grow up in.


3) Listen to your attorney! Although it may seem at times that the attorney is going against what you see fit, just understand and have faith in them. This is their job, and they know what they’re doing, so let them do the talking in court. Also, don’t forget to choose an accomplished attorney if you want some decent defense and voice to persuade the court to win your child custody case!


4) Don’t forget to pay child support! This is a biggy. Even if you aren’t obligated by law to pay child support, still do it! This will show that you can support the child out of the goodness of your heart (and wallet).


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