How to choose a lotion pump?

How to choose a lotion pump?

Material composition: The quality of raw materials determines the durability of the dispenser. In addition to the commonly used polypropylene plastics, steel and glass materials are also used.

Designs and colors appear late, please always make sure that the material composition is the best on the market.

The durability of steel, the cost-effectiveness of glass/ceramics. This will directly depend on whether your use is for commercial or personal use.

Tube length: The diameter of the tube length is proportional to the increase in liquid viscosity. Therefore, when you choose a lotion pump, choose wisely and remember the ratio of viscosity to tube length.

Neck size: Some variants include 20/410, 20/415, 24/410 and 24/415-these sizes can almost match various bottle neck sizes. In order to perfectly close and seal the bottle, it is important that the neck of the lotion pump matches the bottleneck.

This prevents overflow or leakage.


Pump dosage: 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.28ml, 1.4ml and 2.0ml are some popular dosage variables