How to Get Documents Notarized Online | Notarize Genie

Getting documents notarized online has become more common in recent years, especially with the ongoing pandemic limiting in-person interactions. Here are the steps to get your documents notarized online:


Find an online notary service: There are several online notary services available, such as NotarizeGenie. Research and compare different services to find the one that suits your needs.

Upload your document: Once you’ve chosen an online notary service, upload the document you need to get notarized. 

Verify your identity: To get your document notarized, you’ll need to prove your identity. You may be required to upload a photo ID, answer security questions.

Schedule a notary session: Once you’ve uploaded your document and verified your identity, you’ll need to schedule a notary session. This will typically involve a video call with a notary public who will witness you signing the document.

Sign the document: In video call, the notary public will guide you the process of signing the document electronically. They will also add their own electronic signature and notarial seal to the document.

Receive your notarized document: Once the notary session is complete, you’ll receive a digital copy of the notarized document. This will typically include a certificate of acknowledgement that confirms the notary’s identity and the date of the notarization.