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How to use recording jammer to prevent eavesdropping ?

Eavesdropping is one of the main methods to steal information in espionage. Since ancient times, the spy agencies of all countries have taken eavesdropping as an important means of obtaining information. Therefore,recording jammer has become one of the important protective measures in some places.

Nowadays, countries have taken wiretapping and electronic reconnaissance as an important technological means to steal military, political, economic, scientific, technological and industrial information of other countries. Now the bug USES the advanced science and technology, the production is fine, the camouflage is ingenious, even makes the human difficult to discover its existence, mainly has the micro tape recorder, the special line microphone bug, the wireless bug, the telephone bug, the infrared laser bug, the microwave bug and so on. Today we introduce a desktop Portable Recording Jammers against wireless tapping Device.

This Desktop Recording Jammer(camouflage version of air purifier) is the star product of recording jammers. Relative to other products in the series, it has higher output of interference signal power, Longer shielding distance reachs 2-3meters, More extensive coverage more than 95%,far superior to similar products on the market.


First: stronger shielding, compared with other products in the series, this desktop portable recording jammer (camouflage version) produces more interference signal power, so the noise signal picked up is stronger, and the shielding effect is stronger.

Second: longer shielding distance, compared with other products, the shielding distance is longer. In general, the shielding distance of good recording equipment can reach about 2-3 meters, and the shielding distance of some recording equipment, such as some mobile phones and microbugs, can even reach more than 3-5 meters.

Third: more extensive coverage, for the current mainstream of all kinds of recording equipment, the camouflage version of recording shielding device can basically shield, its coverage can reach more than 95%, far higher than the similar products on the market.

The Portable Desktop Recording Jammer(camouflage version of air purifier) is suitable for leaders office, small meeting room and other occasions.