Infusion Cap

Infusion container with polypropylene composite cover, including the cover and inner cover, cover as described in the coping of a tearing groove, above the cover on the top of the rivet, outer cover and inner cover with a plastic bottle after welding, it has the following characteristics is the inside cover of the medicine by mouth and infusion, dosing mouth of the mouth and infusion homemade have crease wai, wrinkle held around the bottom of the sealing spacer, infusion The puncture device passes through the sealed spacer and its outer wall is in contact with the fold hug circumference. The top of the outer cover is made of adding port tear piece and infusion port tear piece, adding port tear piece and infusion port tear piece are matched with dosing port and infusion port respectively. In this scheme, the adding port and infusion port are made on the lid to avoid cross-contamination and ensure the purity of liquid medicine. Especially in the dosing mouth and infusion mouth under each homemade wrinkle hug, wrinkle hug can automatically reset the broken seal spacer, prevent the infusion of residual liquid outflow pollution of the human body and the environment, higher safety performance.


Technical Data Of Infusion Cap

Product Details


PP pharmaceutical euro caps for iv infusion bags


High density PP


1)Used for PP I.V. bag

2)Ready-to-use Product

3)Excellent compatibility with the solution

4)Good welding property

5)Sterilization temperature up to 121 °C

6)Outer and inner caps are moulded and assembled separately to avoid mixture

7)Production and packaging under A+C Grade Clean Room



30*3MM  30*5MM  32*3MM


Free samples available for quality checking


10,000pcs per shipment

Lead Time

Within 5 days after confirmation


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