Intermediate Rigging Training Brisbane

Intermediate rigging training in Brisbane necessary to perform work at a basic level at usIntermediate rigging training BrisbaneIntermediate rigging school BrisbaneIntermediate rigger license BrisbaneIntermediate rigging classes near BrisbaneIntermediate rigging course BrisbaneIntermediate rigging school in Brisbane training course defines the results needed to set up, modify and take down rigging at the standard level, consisting of rigging work connected with the operation or use modular or pre-fabricated rigging, cantilevered materials lifts with a maximum workload of 500kg, ropes and gin wheels, safety nets and fixed lines, and brace rigging (storage tank and formwork) for licensing functions.Contact usAddress: 25 Shannon Pl , Virginia, Queensland, Australia 4014Phone: +61 0404 765 828,(07) 5658 0040,Email: [email protected] us