• $26.99

Junlan Workout Sweat Waist Trainer Sauna Belt

Sweat Sauna Belt

The product is made of neoprene composite fabric, the fabric is laminated with 3 layers, which has high of elasticity. Makes it have the functions of Effective body shaping and sweating. Neoprene inner layer and Polyester outer layer.

Slimming Waist Trimmer

5 waist bones and waist bones are thickened rubber strips. Tighten the waist and abdomen, correct the posture and avoid the damage. The Velcro strong enough and can be adjusted at will. Pressurize again can make the product more effective.

3 Colors & Correct Posture

Fashion style and 3 colors.?It is comfortable to wear all day. Wearing it during work and leisure can correct posture and avoid long-term posture damage.