K1.Natural Rubber Band

K1 Series:Environmental natural rubber band is use importing natural rubber for main raw material.The width unit is inch,including 1mm to 600mm.The thickness unit is including 0.28mm to 4mm.It have black color,white color and colours.We now have been developed many different quality series’rubber band,such as K146,K153,K157,K158,K165,K170,K171,K178,K188 and so on.All of rubber band’Physical parameters are meet the below requirements:1)Elongation multiple:about 600mm,2)Permanent deformation degree:about 5%-30%,3)hardness:48º-57º,4)aging time:more than two years,5)Resistance to yellowing:4 class,6) density:about 1.0,7)Tensile modulus:500%,3.0 Npa,8)thickness:within ±0.05,8)the state of powder:including powder,no powder,less powder,9)smoothness:Double-faced smooth,one face smooth and one face grain,double grain.The  rubber band is  appropriate for swimwear,protective clothing,masks,operating coat,shower cap.Please kindly know the taboo for rubber band is prevent bask in the sun,prevent high temprature,prevent oil.