This fabric is unique because of the way it is made and the texture it gives to the cloth. This fabric is ideal for Kora saree, Lehenga/skirtfillings, and costumes. It adds an attractive, crisp element to the garment. Who wouldn’t want to look glamorous?Kora fabric’s almost-see-through texture helps to maintain a sense of weightlessness. The silk yarn’s combination of light weight, crispness, and shine creates an appealing appeal that every woman will love.The Kora silk saree is known for its Pallu, which is meticulously designed and gives the saree a traditional touch. Women love the Zari and Pallu on this saree. It is known as Kora silk but it is not as soft and supple as Banarasi Silk.Kora Silk is a silk fabric that women love, and it stands out among other silk fabrics such as Katan Silk or Moonga Silk.Khinkhwab brings the essence of the weaves, traditions and heritage of Banaras to future generations, through beautiful Banarasi silk sarees and lehengas.