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27 September , 2022 / VVisbody

Ⅰ. What is a 3D body scanner?   3D human body scanner, also known as 3D body scanner, is a device that uses optical measurement technology, computer technology, image processing…



The Principle and Function of 3D Body Scanner

21 September , 2022 / VVisbody

3D scanning technology plays a vital role in modern science and technology. It has also developed rapidly in recent years. There are three main technologies: laser scanning, pattern light modeling,…



Application Analysis of 3D Body Scanner

20 September , 2022 / VVisbody

I believe that many people who have had security inspection experience know the procedure of the case. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, passengers and their luggage will…



Basic Concepts of Body Composition Analysis Report and Significance of Important Indicators

14 September , 2022 / VVisbody

When you first enter the gym, the private school recommends that you do a body composition test to determine your physical condition and formulate a training plan for you according…



Different Applications of 3D Body Scanners

07 September , 2022 / VVisbody

3D body scanners can be used in a range of application scenarios, from making 3D printed statues to collecting human data, bringing new opportunities for technological development in fields such…