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LCD Advertising Display

After 14 years of development with rich ODM / OEM experience, Champion has got a full range of advertising display solutions to meet any requirement from customers for any application situations. Champion is a LCD advertising player manufacturer in China that has various electronic advertising signs for sale. As a professional digital signage & advertising display company, we have different types of LCD advertising screens including mobile digital advertising screens, touch screen media player, LCD digital advertising boards, etc. we offer good quality products at a cheap price.


Advertising display is one of our top digital media display screens. Our advertising displays including a 3D hologram fan, Wall mounted LCD advertising signage, Outdoor LCD advertising display, Floor standing advertising screens, portable digital posters, Elevator advertising monitors, and hot sale ultra-thin double-sided advertising. They get all scenario situations covered with their unique advantages and also bring fans for their outstanding performance.


Types of LCD Advertising Display

Wall Mounted LCD Advertising Display

Wall mounted LCD advertising screen displays content without so much space occupied with high quality.


Floor Standing LCD Advertising Display

Champion Floor standing advertising displays were widely used in commercial centers, airports, metro stations, etc for their reliable quality and CMS system.


Double Sided LCD Advertising Display

With synchronous feature ,double sided advertising screens can display content same in both sides or different as well. For Double-sided advertising displays. customers always pay some special attention to them for their special display mode, with both sides displaying the same content or displaying different content, double-sided advertisers take a seat among various commercial display products.


Portable LCD Advertising Display

Portable digital posters can be moved to anywhere on the floor with a racket, which is very convenient for customers.


Elevator LCD Advertising Display

Elevator advertising screens can add some special sensors to get more useful functions such as temperature detectors, IR detectors, etc.


3D Hologram Advertising Display

3D hologram advertising fan from Shenzhen Champion New Media is a new format of advertising.