LED Craft Light Introduces LED Crystal Lamp Features


LED Craft Light    introduction: LED crystal light refers to the crystal light with LED particles as the main light source. The LED illuminating particles are generally installed in the middle of the water crystal wafer, and are refracted by the water crystal after the illuminating, and the illuminating light can be compared with the ordinary bulb crystal lamp.


The light source is free from ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, etc., and can avoid mercury and other pollutants that are ruptured by the fluorescent tube. The used lamp can be recycled and reused; the LED is dispersed on a separate strip plate, which increases the luminous volume of the light source, and has a beautiful appearance. The cost is low; through the reasonable layout of the strip plate, the limitation of the LED illumination angle is overcome, and the stereoscopic effect is achieved, so that the light of the lamp is fully angled. The utility model can completely replace the traditional tungsten crystal lamp and the energy-saving lamp crystal lamp, and the brightness can be comparable with the energy-saving lamp. The color temperature is easier to control and more energy-saving than the energy-saving lamp, and can completely replace the crystal lamp of other light sources.