Led Mood Light Factory – Use Led Mood Lights: Several Methods


Lighting is no longer an afterthought of utilitarianism. From sleep regulation to beautiful interior design, color changing lights are changing the competitive environment. Smart lights and smart home devices have unleashed a range of vibrant possibilities.

  Do you have questions about using LED mood lights? Since they are still an emerging technology, you may not know how to handle them.

  By highlighting and improving your sleep habits in some creative ways, you can use color lights at home.

  1. Use the color change lamp to easily fall asleep

  Our world is filled with bright lights and flashing screens. These blue lights destroy your circadian rhythms by preventing the production of melatonin, a hormone that lets your body fall asleep.

  Ironically, colored light can be said to have proven orange, pink and red lights to promote better sleep.

  Put a light with a smart light in your bedroom. Arrange your lights to provide a soft orange glow 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, slowly fade to black.

  With their personal sunset, these soft colors can fix your circadian rhythm and tell your body that it’s time to sleep.

  2. Arrange the sunrise

  Like their sedatives, colored lights can help you get your day started quickly. They are a great modern solution that can address the screams caused by the vibrations and panic of angry alarms.

  The bedside lamp is programmed to gradually emit a soft blue light. This will mimic the natural light of the sun and help you transition to a fully alert state. If your light is strong enough, it can wake you up completely without an alarm clock.

  Do you like to press the snooze button? As an alternative to simulating sunrise, use the color change characteristics of the bulb to time your morning.

  A green light may indicate that you still have an hour to wake up completely. It can slowly turn yellow and then red, indicating that you need to stop snoring and get up!

  For those with dark alarm clocks or poor eyesight, these color indicators are a convenient way to track time without having to pay attention to the clock.

  3. Set the timer

  Audio alerts are unpleasant, reliable or convenient. Maybe you secretly wash your clothes late at night and don’t want to bother your family. Or, you can turn your headset on, but you can’t hear the alarm in another room.

  Say goodbye to the annoying snoring and whistles. With Alexa, you can prepare a visual timer near your workstation. This may be as simple as a green LED strip above the display or on the desktop.

  When Alexa’s timer goes out, it can change the color of your LED rope and remind you that it’s time to stop what you are doing.

  4. Enhance interior design

  But this is enough for alarms and timers. Color is best for stage space and mood or atmosphere. In terms of improving indoor lighting, color-changing LEDs are the future development direction.

  Add color to your focus wall with vibrant colors. These can be as simple as a color-changing LED strip in a dining room.

  Have a casual brunch? Soft white or blue lays the foundation for a relaxed gathering with friends. Or in a romantic dinner, change the light on the focus wall to orange or light red.

  Is it time to watch a movie? Decorative neon strips cover your walls with simple geometric shapes. The vivid blues and reds can really mimic the atmosphere of the cinema. A normal white backlight can be provided when not in use.

  Do not be afraid of indulgence. The life of LEDs is 25 times longer than conventional bulbs, and the energy efficiency is almost seven times that of the original. They will hardly cut your electricity bill, they will last for years, and then you should consider ordering replacement lights.

  5. Control seasonal decoration

  During the holidays, no one was flashing green and red strangers. But these decorations are not real color changing lights. Instead, the bulb flashes alternately.

  With LED mood lights, you can better control seasonal decorations. You can wirelessly choose its color, pattern and blink speed.

  These lamps are best suited for use as outdoor decorations. Line up your aisles and families and adjust your aesthetics to your heart.

  Participate in the Christmas party? Use LED color light bulbs to turn your party space into red and green and get a festive atmosphere.

  Since these ropes provide more control than simple ropes, they must not only be used for holidays. Once the season is over, you can take them home, such as illuminating the walkway from the bedroom to the bathroom.

  Use color to live your life

  There are more ways to introduce LED mood lights into your life than the colors in the rainbow. The list goes far beyond the visual range

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