Linsheng , Do You Know Led Emergency Lighting?


          LED emergency lighting is typically used in emergency situations where the mains supply is disconnected and each normal illumination fails. This may be caused by a power outage or a fire. LED emergency lighting must be fully automated and provide sufficient illumination to allow all passengers to leave the site safely.

  So, if you are thinking about LED emergency lighting systems, here are some things you should know:

  LED emergency lighting: basic knowledge

  Most buildings now use precision LED emergency lighting fixtures installed during construction; the architects select the equipment design based on local local authority requirements and building codes. Emergency LED lighting is often subdivided into alternate lighting and emergency escape lighting.

  Cost is very important

  Often, the decision to use a separate LED emergency lighting system or central battery may be determined by cost. If the installation is durable and has low maintenance requirements, the central battery, while very expensive, may be ideal for large projects. Often, cost and luminaires are major concerns, especially in smaller jobs, and it is this standard that makes self-contained systems more popular.

  LED emergency lighting driver temperature

  Make sure your LED emergency lighting has been tested for aging and electronic loads. This helps determine if the LED emergency lighting panel can withstand excessive temperatures. This guarantees performance, safety and stability.

  Emergency escape lighting

  Emergency escape lighting refers to the portion of the emergency lighting system that provides illumination for the safety of personnel who leave a location in advance or attempt to end a potentially hazardous process.

  Standby lighting

  Standby illumination is typically provided to allow normal activity to continue substantially without being changed.

  Consulting and design

  The first thing to do when installing LED emergency lighting escape lighting is consulting and design. Fire risk assessors and designers should meet where the system is located and make a comprehensive decision and plan to indicate the type of power supply, the location to be covered, the facility, duration, and mode of operation.

  Once you have determined the type of LED emergency lighting system you want to install, continue to select specific locations for lighting signs and units within a particular location. This will help you choose the right equipment. Keep in mind that emergency LED lighting signs should be carefully sited to create a clear exit route that leads to the final exit of the building. If the exit is not recognized, the visible symbol should be used instead of the lighting unit. Special attention should be paid to direction changes, individual stairs, floor changes, corridor intersections, factory rooms and toilet areas. The passages of fire equipment and fire call stations should be properly illuminated.

  Operating mode

  When choosing an LED emergency lighting system, the operating mode is an important factor to consider. Therefore, you should consider the main factors such as maintenance or non-maintenance. The use of the house determines whether an LED emergency lighting system is required or not maintained.

  LED emergency lighting advantages

  • Installation speed is extremely fast and reasonably priced

  • Low hardware material cost

  • May use standard wiring materials

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Burn-through will automatically meet the needs of lighting fixtures

  • No unique sub-circuit monitoring requirements

  • Improve integrity and efficiency

  LED emergency lighting: shortcomings

  • Testing needs to be isolated

  • The battery may be severely affected by high or low ambient temperatures as the environmental conditions of the entire system change.

  • Battery life is usually limited to four years, depending on the application

  LED emergency lighting systems have recently become very popular – due to their low energy consumption, high efficiency and flexibility. However, it is important to understand the basics (what they are and how to choose the best) before you are eager to get an LED emergency lighting system.    linsheng     provides the above guidelines to help you get the best results.