Linsheng Explains The Matters Related To Car Air Pump

Automobile air pumps are generally divided into three categories, namely electric air pumps, manual air pumps and foot air pumps.

Electric air pump: It is powered by electricity and compresses air by electric power to generate air pressure. It is applied with pneumatic rubber and automobile inflation.Manual air pump: It is powered by hand force, which compresses air by hand force to generate air pressure, and uses pneumatic toy.Pedal-powered air pump: It uses the force of the foot to compress the air through the foot force, thus generating air pressure, and applying a filled balloon.

The safe operation of the air pump is: the equipment should be operated by professionals and read the instructions carefully. One of the common faults of air pumps is lack of oil. Before the lack of oil, the performance is increased, so the fuel consumption should be checked regularly so that faults can be detected in time. Before driving, you should remove the condensate from the pipes and components in time. When driving for the first time, or when changing the power connector, check that the motor is turning correctly. Lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. If it is operated in a high temperature environment, shorten the oil replacement cycle. The safety protection device is strictly forbidden to be removed. If the device fails, stop the inspection immediately. Once the equipment is abnormal, the warranty should be immediately shut down to minimize losses. Workplaces should be kept clean and tidy to meet production and regulatory requirements.

The car air pump should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding environment should be kept clean, dry and ventilated to avoid moisture. The direction of rotation of the impeller of the automobile air pump should be consistent with the direction of the marked arrow. The pressure during operation should not exceed 8kpa, so as to avoid excessive heat generated by the air pump or the motor current exceeding the regulation, thus causing damage to the air pump. It is strictly forbidden to let solid, liquid or corrosive gas enter the air pump to avoid damage to the air pump. Both ends of the air pump inlet and outlet, the upper filter and silencer should be properly cleaned according to the actual situation to avoid blockage and affect the use of the air pump. In the automotive air pump, the outer connection of the inlet and outlet should be connected by a hose, such as a rubber tube or a plastic spring tube. If the bearing is to be replaced, it should be replaced by a professional to avoid affecting the normal use of the bearing.

For the pressure, generally in the car air pump, the pressure relief valve will be used. Once the pressure exceeds the specified pressure, the pressure relief valve will automatically open and the excess pressure will be released, which will keep the pressure stable. To the role of protection. For dust, filters are often used in automotive air pumps. If the site is different, the filtering accuracy is different. Correspondingly, the filter elements used are different, so choose the correct one so that the car can be used effectively. air pump. If you want to use some special occasions, you should pay special attention to the special protection. If it is used in a sealed environment, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

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