Linsheng Jump Starter Manufacturers – Steps To Use Jump Starter


       Using a jump starter to boost the car when it is exhausted can be a little daunting. Many people are nervous about handling high voltage electricity, especially when it comes to vehicles!

  Ok, rest assured, using a jump starter for your car is actually much simpler than that – and definitely not so dangerous!

  Linsheng Jump Starter Manufacturers     will gradually introduce how to use the jumper starter safely and effectively to provide the power you need to get your battery back on the road.

  Make sure your battery is really exhausted

  Although dead battery is definitely annoying, it is not the worst thing that can happen in your car. When you turn the ignition switch and the car does not start, there may be many reasons.

  Before grabbing your jump starter, it’s important to determine if your battery is really the cause of the problem.

  Sometimes your dashboard will have a battery-like light that will let you know the brewing troubles. But if your battery is really dead, the lights may not even appear. In this case, here are some signs that your car battery is dead:

  a) You hear a buzz. Click is the trail that tells the battery to run out

  b) The dashboard light is blinking but the car cannot be turned on

  c) You hear a squeak, just like the engine is trying to start

  d) Your car won’t open at all

  Make sure your battery is not leaking / freezing / can be safely charged

  Never try to start a frozen battery. If the weather is very cold and you suspect that the battery may not work properly due to freezing, do not attempt to use the jumper starter. This can be dangerous. If you notice any damage or leakage to the battery, do not try to jump because it can be dangerous.

  Stop and turn off the car

  Do not perform any battery maintenance while the car is on. Park your car in the park and turn it off.

  Find your battery

  The first step in getting the battery back to life is to open the car hood to expose the battery. Different cars have different mechanisms.

  Sometimes you can simply press the hood and it will pop up, sometimes you need to press a release device from the front driver’s seat. If you are not sure how to pop the hood, please refer to your car manual.

  Check your jump starter

  Make sure there is no damage, get wet or otherwise damaged. Make sure the cable is well shaped and the alligator clips are not rusted and in good condition. Make sure the jump starter battery is charged.

  Connect the jump starter to the car battery

  Make sure the jumper cable is plugged into the jumper starter. Then, find the two alligator clips that are connected to the wires.

  It is important to use the correct clips because they are absolutely not interchangeable. Using them incorrectly can cause injuries, so be very careful.

  The red clamp is “positive” (+) and the black clamp is “negative” (-). It is important to clip them to the battery in the correct order.

  First, clip the red “positive” clamp to the side of the battery and display the “+” sign.

  Next, clamp the black “negative” clamp to the other side of the battery, indicated by the “-” symbol.

  Insert or open your jump starter

  If you have a battery-powered jumper starter, look for the On/Off switch. Not all starters have one, some models are always “live” and do not need to be turned on.

  Secure the clip to the battery and start the vehicle. make once. If it doesn’t work right away, please wait a moment and try again. If it still doesn’t work, don’t try and call a professional.

  If the vehicle starts, remove the clip from the battery. If your model has an “on/off” switch, turn off the jumper starter.

  After driving in your car, drive in your car for at least 20 minutes to charge your battery. If it doesn’t have enough time to charge, you may find that the battery is exhausted when you try again, you may need to start the car again.

  Check your jump starter

  Check the battery on the jumper starter to make sure it is running. If it’s a battery-powered charger, make sure it’s fully charged until it’s fully charged, so the next time you need to quickly start the battery.