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Magento 2 360 Product View

Magento 2 360 Product View Extension helps store owners to integrate advanced 360-degree and multi-row 3D product views into the standard Magento 2 product gallery. Now, store owners can display a 360-degree view of the product images.


This plugin helps store owners to display every side of products and allows customers to view products more attractively. Adding multiple images in a proper structure allows the store admin to set up a 360 view of a product.


Key Features:


  • Easy for admin to display 360-degree product images in their store

  • Easy to add a separate 360-degree view for every product

  • Admin can control animation effects and speed settings for the showcased products

  • Admin can import 360 images via CSV file

  • Offer a seamless shopping experience on any device




Customers generally want to see the product from 360 degrees, and Magento 2 360 Product View extension can help you achieve this. This plugin helps store owners to quickly add 360-view product images for products directly from the product grid.


The store can control animation effect and speed of the 360 views from the backend and boost their sales & conversions.

For more info Visit https://www.mageants.com/360-product-images-extension-for-magento-2.html