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Magento 2 Free Gift

Magento 2 Free Gift extension allows store admins to automatically offer free gifts to their customers on purchasing particular products. With Free Gift for Magento 2 plugin, the admin can add additional shopping cart price rules to their store and offer customers free gifts card with purchase. 


This is an effective module for store owners who want to create customized offers and gain brand loyalty. As small gifts can draw significant gains, this plugin can help store owners to amaze their customers with appealing free gifts on the shopping cart.


Key Features:


  • Allow store owners to automatically add gift items to their customer’s cart 

  • Store owners can add the gift item’s information on the main product’s view page

  • Add a free gift banner to the product view page

  • Admin can set the particular conditions to provide a free gift to the customer

  • Easy to configure and install




Stimulating customer purchase is one of the most effective ways to drive more sales and conversions. To achieve this, store owners can offer shoppers additional incentives like free gifts when buying products, and this can be possible with the help of MageAnts’ Magento 2 Free Gift extension. 


With this plugin, store owners can attract shoppers through unique promotion campaigns, sell more, and bolster their sales and customer loyalty.

Visit more info https://www.mageants.com/free-gift-for-magento-2.html